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Sensitive Girl
(Excess - October, 1997)

What is the most embarrassing thing you have done to grab a guy's attention?

I'm always too shy for that. When you're an actress you are used to getting attention. I never have to make the first move with a guy. I'm not very good at it anyway. If I fall for a guy he has to make the first move.

How far would you go on a first date?

I will probably kiss the boy if he's a potential boyfriend. But at home in Los Angeles I would probably act differently. There girls and boys kiss each other for a lot of different reasons. Not just because they're going out with each other. It's like the European thing where young people kiss each other on the cheek when they first meet. If I meet a boy I really like I hope that things will go a lot further than a kiss.

Did you get fed up with girl fans always asking you what it was like to kiss Jared Leto?

Well, once and for all...for the record. Jared's a really good kisser - and he's also a great guy. There's a lot more to him than being a good kisser!

Was Leonardo DiCaprio a real-life romeo - did you have 'more than a working relationship' with him during filming?

Working with Leo was pure magic. He was very charming. Leo's a brilliant actor, a genius... but I could never see myself becoming romantically involved with him. He acts so silly sometimes. He was always doing cartwheels on the set and poking his fingers into people's ribs and tickling them. The mainly male cast were like a whole bunch of little boys running around and playing pranks. They spent the whole time telling fart jokes and mooning. Girls want a boy who acts grown up - not like a little kid!

Are love scenes difficult to film?

It's very hard to show your feelings on a crowded set, but you have to let yourself go and enter this magical world you're creating.

What's the worst part of being an actress?

Being away on location for long periods of time. Romeo and Juliet wasn't my first movie role but it was the first time I was filming abroad. Life in Mexico is dangerous and we were under pressure with a strict filming deadline. Work was so hard that after two months I couldn't get up out of bed. I was like a vegetable. I had no free time, no chance to unwind. On top of that I was homesick for my family. Eventually my parents flew out to be with me. They really supported me a lot. But I couldn't wait for filming to be over.

Why are all girls so mad about make-up and clothes?

I love clothes and I'm always going shopping for new outfits. It's a great way to express yourself. On the make-up side, I'm so useless I just let the make-up artists on the set do it for me. Otherwise it would be total disaster. I know boys moan about girls and make-up but they would moan a lot more if we didn't bother. It's what makes us different from boys...what gives us our girlish femininity.

Originally transcribed by: Troy Huggon

© Excess 1997