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Six teen-questions to Claire Danes
by Tobias Kniebe (Jetzt-Online - November, 1997)

Interviewer: Is Juliet in "Romeo and Juliet" a typical teenager?
Claire: That's how I wanted to play Juliet: without romanticising her role. She is strong and passionate and she is very confident of her feelings. I wanted every girl in the world to be able to feel like Juliet and hopefully to be able to experience that kind of love.

Interviewer: Do you understand Juliet?
Claire: I think so. I've been in love very much already, just not to such an extreme. Leonardo DiCaprio as Romeo had the more difficult part: He told me that he hadn't experienced that kind of "ecstasy of love" yet - but that just shows that he is a perfect actor. I wouldn't have been able to play it like he did.

Interviewer: Did reading Shakespeare bore you in school?
Claire: Actually I rather ignored him. When I got the role I didn't even know the play. Director Baz Luhrmann would sit down with us and talk about the whole play piece by piece. He would claim that Shakespeare simply can't be boring. Now all other scripts appear a bit dull to me somehow.

Interviewer: Is it true that Winona Ryder and Jodie Foster supported you?
Claire: Yes, I've learned a lot from both of them. I know that Winona supported me in getting some roles and Jodie gave me advice to attend college. She was a star during her teenage years just like me, and she took a break from her career to go to Yale. I want to do exactly the same now.

Interviewer: Now that you're becoming famous?
Claire: When Romeo and Juliet came out I went to some clubs to see what fame was. It's a funny and weird feeling when people recognize you. But I'm envious of my young male colleagues who can go anywhere and are immediately surrounded and admired by the coolest women. Where are the cool guys that admire me?

Interviewer: Do you seriously have problems with that?
Claire: I just work too much. While we were shooting Romeo and Juliet I broke up with someone, which was really tough: Playing undying love during the day and being frustrated at night. Now that I think about it: I've had more guys on screen than in real life. This can't go on like that.

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